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About Represent

Represent is on a mission to make the government more accessible. We know that you're busy, and keeping up with everything the government is up to can be overwhelming. No one has time to read every bill that is proposed at every level of government. That's where we come in.


Our team processes them all and has worked tirelessly to make sure our interface shows you all the non-partisan information you want to know, all in one place. We are committed to making our democracy as representative as possible, and that starts with easy access to information. 

From there, we make it easy to connect to your elected representatives at the appropriate level and the best time to have your voice heard. We use technology to generate letters with all the information your reps need to know to record your opinion and include specific information based on your stance on any given issue. 

Our first application is now available on the Apple App Store. iPhone users in the U.S. can download it now by clicking the button below.

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