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Represent helps you connect with your elected representatives
and the legislation that affects you.

Our Story

We are BIG fans of democracy, on a mission to make ours even better. We believe the system works best when people are informed and involved, so we set out to make it easy for everyone to engage. 

Our Vision

We see a future where our democracy truly represents us. We're working on making it a reality by connecting people with non-partisan, bias-conscious coverage of all things government, written in plain English. 


We're building the technology to capture government data at every level and make it accessible for everyone. 

Have something you'd like us to include? We love new ideas!

Who are we

How it works

Government in real time

Get updates on proposed legislation that affects you, follow the issues you care about most, and voice your opinion to your elected representatives, all in one place. 

Your voice, magnified

We bring the information & connect it to you. You bring all your glorious opinions & the drive to stand up for what you believe in. Together, we make the world better. 

See your impact

Your voice matters and not just on election day. We make sure that your voice is heard by your reps by simplifying the process of getting in touch. So you can focus on more exciting things, like tweeting about politics. 

How it works

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New York, NY

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